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 BTIG Australia , a financial services firm specialising in institutional trading and related brokerage services, held their first "Commissions for Charity Day" on 28th April 2011.

BTIG traders donated a portion of their commissions from the day's trades to Cure Our Kids, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving quality of life for children with cancer and the families who love them. 

"This has been a fantastic result for our first charity trading day and the response we've received from those who took part has been overwhelmingly positive," said Paul Brech, CEO of BTIG Australia.  "Everyone enjoyed the chance to help those in need, and we look forward to topping our results next year."

Young cancer patients and their families visited BTIG's Sydney offices to experience the buzz of the trading floor and participate in other activities.

The CEO of Cure Our Kids, said, "Everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  This is a wonderful initiative BTIG has undertaken and we're honored to have been chosen as the dedicated charity.  BTIG's generous contribution will enable us to continue helping families cope with the distress caused by childhood cancer."

This year, the day will be held on Tuesday 13th May 2014 and we encourage you to get involved...

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