Involve Your Workplace

By getting your workplace involved, you'll help boost staff morale and promote your company as an exemplary corporate citizen. That's in addition to the benefits kids with cancer will gain.

Call Cure Our Kids on T: 02 9891 3332 E: to make a positive difference today.


  • Corporate Sponsorship

Cure Our Kids is always in need of new sponsors for fundraising events and to help us deliver our vital services. As well providing tax benefits, sponsoring Cure Our Kids also provides a great avenue for promoting your business to our broad database.

  • Workplace Giving

Allows your employees to elect to donate a portion of their wages to Cure Our Kids. Call us on 02 9891 3332 and find out how to set up a Workplace Giving program.

  • Corporate Tables at Events

As well providing tax benefits and networking opportunities, purchasing/sponsoring corporate tables at our spectacular events guarantees a great night out for you and your employees. Click here to find out about our upcoming events.

  • Merchandise

Cure Our Kids' funky fundraising wristbands and badges come in an attractive box, making them perfect to place at reception. Alternatively, sell them amongst employees or encourage employees to purchase a box to sell to their friends and families.

  • Donation Boxes

Our attractive donation boxes are perfect for helping staff get rid of unwanted shrapnel, so place one next to your vending machine or coffee machine. What's more, contributors to the Cure Our Kids donation box will feel great about making a difference.



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